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The Vaccine Center Difference

Patient Care

For our patients, we believe that they are the most important people from the moment they step in to our offices to the moment they leave. We believe in providing a welcoming, safe and comfortable environment for our patients and team. Getting medical services can sometimes be uncomfortable or nerve-racking but we have structured our business to relieve patients of any worries or stressors they may have.

We will provide you and your team with the resources to provide the highest quality care, following all CDC guidelines, in a caring enviroment for each patient that walks in to your office.

Multiple Companies in One!

The Vaccine Center combines every aspect of preventative health into one company. Could you imagine owning and operating a travel medicine clinic, student and employee health clinic, drug testing company and STD clinic individually? Imagine all of the cost and headaches it would cause for you to tend to each company separetly! The Vaccine Center has developed a special business model that allows you to have all of these companies combined into one.

Payment at the Time of Service

The Vaccine Center is an upfront payment at the time of service business! We either get direct payment at the time of service or bill corporate clients on a monthly basis. Organizations set up corporate accounts that allow them to send us their employees, members or students to receive services.

Our business model doesn't accept insurance because most of our services are traditionally not covered by typical health insurance plans. Additionally, many of our services are the responsibility of the requesting organization. For example, a school may be required to have students drug tested before clinical rotations or an employer may be required to have employees have annual hearing tests and flu vaccines. Because our clients pay us directly at the time of service, you can avoid:

  • The difficulty of long insurance verification process
  • Submitting insurance claims
  • Payment processing that sometimes can take 3 months or longer to receive payment
  • Claim Denials
  • Claim Downgrades
  • Having to hire designated staff to process insurance claims

Training and Support

We provide all of our franchisees with upfront training and on going support. We will train you in all aspects of the business including daily operations, marketing, business development, training of employees, software for managing medical records, appointments, patient portal, point of sale and more! We also have an online university to train every member of your staff depending on their job category that involves taking courses and watching videos with quizzes. As part of our initial training, we invite you and some of your staff to our corporate headquarters for training.

We provide every possible resource to build our franchisees’ success. Build your client base quickly while maximizing the impact of your marketing investment.

Powerful Branding & Marketing

We teach all of our franchisees how to market each category of services we provide. We provide them with the tools they need to be successful in building relationships for corporate accounts, schools, medical offices and more. Our franchisees receive clear, effective sales and marketing training through our University curriculum.

The Vaccine Center also has a very strong online presence which allows potential patients or clients in your area to search for services they need and see your location pop up right away.

All of our marketing strategies that we teach you are to help build your business AND to make you and your team more successful!


We have successfully developed state of the art systems that allow our franchisees view every aspect of their business from anywhere (with internet of course!). Our company has created electronic systems that allow our franchisees to track all sales data, have inventory management, call tracking, handle patient appointments, an established corporate website, online company trainings, marketing and contracting programs, internet marketing / adverstising, patient online scheduling and much more!