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The Vaccine Center Franchise


The Vaccine Center is a preventative health and wellness company whose goal is to create a network of locations where individuals, corporations and organizations can have access to and benefit from preventative and wellness medical care. Our emphasis in preventing disease is what sets us apart from many other healthcare organizations. We have deliberately chosen not to do primary care or urgent care so we can better focus our attention on improving the lives of people across the country by preventing disease.

It has taken over 7 years and over a hundred thousand patient encounters to refine our model which includes everything from manning the phones to delivering care to patients and clients. These tens of thousands of patient encounters and extensive analytics have helped us in perfecting our model for delivering optimal and efficient preventative healthcare to individuals, employers, schools, organizations and corporations.  We leverage technology as well as the latest advances in preventative care to improve the lives of our patients. 

The Vaccine Center, a preventative health and wellness company, focuses on travel medicine, student health, employee health, physical exams, STD testing and treatment, drug testing and more. We can do this by providing vaccines, laboratory testing, diagnostic testing, physicals and consultations, to name a few. The Vaccine Center has created opportunities for you to be able to own and operate your own complete preventative health and wellness company, all under one roof. With our franchise, you have not only one business but practically six businesses in one! The Vaccine Center was created under the premise that all of these services interconnect and overlap. We feel there is synergy in providing these services together.

The power of The Vaccine Center is that we help you develop a corporate culture in your organization which puts patients first. We know that compassionate and caring service is the most important intangible in our corporate culture. Our goal is to develop that "patient first" culture at each of our locations. We have the training, technology and resources to help you achieve this all important goal.

Our vision is to nationally provide a quality standard of care in preventative health and wellness services that includes travel medicine, student health, employee health and preventative health all in one convenient location by a caring team of professionals.

Travel Medicine

Student Health

Employee Health

Physical Exams

STD Testing & Treatment

Drug Testing


Consider The Vaccine Center a top franchise opportunity that combines consistent growth potential and tools for success.  The Vaccine Center opportunity increases your chances for success by reducing the time it takes to start your business and bring clientele. You don’t have to worry about finding a business structure because we have done that for you! 

  • Since health insurance doesn't cover most of our services, we don't participate in insurance plans
  • Concept can be managed by any Clinician (including a Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant)
  • Established company name
  • Customized online training program for each employee's specific title
  • High internet presence
  • 6 different revenue streams in 1
  • Marketing materials and strategies provided to you
  • Management policies and procedures and contract templates provided
  • Cloud based software in all aspects of the business including patient appointments, schedules and business metrics monitoring
  • Mobile app for patient appointments
  • Business open Monday - Friday  (no nights, weekends, holidays, call!)
  • Mostly healthy population lending itself to a low stress practice


The Vaccine Center has taken a complex idea and developed it into a simple concept, preventative health. If you are not familiar with our business model, we encourage you to visit our corporate website to explore our preventative health world! We offer a unique experience to our franchise owners with our positive work environment, creative resources and family friendly work schedules.

We take great pride in developing strong relationships with our franchise owners. We strive to understand them and see what motivates them. We understand that different franchisees bring different qualities and experiences with them. The Vaccine Center brings our knowledge and experience to add to the skills and knowledge our franchisees have.

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