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Why is The Vaccine Center better for vaccine services then The Southern Nevada Health District
The Vaccine CenterThe Southern Nevada Health District
Prescribe all medicines for travel including anti-malarials, high altitude prophylaxis, jet lag prophylaxis and traveler's diarrhea.checkmarkxmark
Personally design each consult based on the travelers itinerary; not a generalized, broad-based recommendation for the country as a wholecheckmarkxmark
Can offer consultations with a Board Certified Doctor or Nurse Practitioner experienced in vaccines and travel medicinecheckmarkxmark
Can provide in house blood draws for antibody titers, for Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Varicella, MMR and Rabiescheckmarkxmark
Administer all vaccines currently available in the USA, including being a CDC Certified Yellow Fever Vaccine Cliniccheckmarkxmark
Consult and advise on rare travel medicine vaccines like Typhoid, Yellow Fever and Japanese Encephalitischeckmarkxmark
Can provide Yellow Fever exempt letters for travelers with contraindications for vaccinationcheckmarkxmark
Offer student discounts on school vaccines (waive the administrative fee)checkmarkxmark
Accept appointments and there is usually minimal to no waitingcheckmarkxmark
Offer one step and two step TB Skin Testing and QuantiFERON Testingcheckmarkxmark
Offer confidential Urine and Blood Drug Testing for individuals and employerscheckmarkxmark
Offer businesses and executive travelers on-site servicescheckmarkxmark
Offer groups on-site flu shot clinics, OSHA mandated Hepatitis B vaccinations, lab testing or a travel consultationscheckmarkxmark
Use the same databases as the US State Department, the US Peace Corps and the CDCcheckmark

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